TKHR00X: There Are Worse Worlds Than These


There Are Worse Worlds Than These


For decades, Jeffrey Thomas has been creating remarkable work that often blurs the lines between horror, science fiction, and fantasy. From his groundbreaking and highly influential Punktown stories (set in a horrific far future alien city), his visionary take on Hell, his chilling alternate history of ‘Boneland,’ and further points in many directions, he’s a writer that has created a rich body of work with incredible philosophical depth and we think it’s time that work was more widely recognized.

With a ‘Punktown’ omnibus from the well respected Centipede Press, a Punktown graphic anthology, and a slate of new work soon to be released, we could think of no better time to honour this innovative, brilliant, and unique writer than now.

We are looking for articles on various aspects of the work of Jeffrey Thomas and the rich worlds he has created.

Articles such as:

  • In depth explorations of the philosophies of his various worlds.
  • Critical examinations of individual stories or novels.
  • Discussions of the way in which his work blurs lines between genre(s).
  • Observational essays about the influence of his work on other writers and what it has meant to them.

Essentially, what we are looking for are articles that honour and explore Jeffrey Thomas’ work and ideas and place them in the context of his overall importance as a writer of contemporary dark and weird literature.

Interested contributors must submit a short proposal to the editors outlining the proposed topic. It needn’t be long, just so long as it communicates the topic and the goals of the essay.

We are not accepting interview proposals at this time.

WORD COUNT: 1,000 words or more

PAYMENT: $20 per article.

INQUIRIES: Please submit all inquiries using the form below:

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