Ballingrud, Nathan

interview (1)

Burke, Christopher

— “A Faint Sense of Double Vision: Cinematic Tensions and Transmedial Anxieties in the Fiction of Files/Barringer, Wehunt, Tremblay, Link, and Ballingrud”(2)

Cisco, Michael

— “Vistas of Contemporary Horror Fiction” (1)

— “‘Hello from the Sewers of NYC’: T.E.D. Klein’s ‘Children of the Kingdom'” (2)

DeMeester, Kristi

— “The Grotesque in Flannery O’Connor’s ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’ and ‘Good Country People'” (2)

Fawver, Kurt

— “Why Weird, Why Now?: On the Rationale For Weird Fiction’s Resurgence” (1)

Files, Gemma

— “The Word in Flesh, or Whenever We’re Opened, We’re Red: A Personal Meditation on Clive Barker’s ‘Books of Blood'” (2)

Fry, Gary

— “A New Place to Hyde: Self and Society in Ramsey Campbell’s ‘Think Yourself Lucky'” (1)

Glover, J. T.

— “Against Nature” (1)

— “His Knife, Her Shadow” (2)

Kelly, Michael

interview (1)

Mamatas, Nick

— interview (2)

Marshall, Helen

— “Finding the Medieval in Twenty-First Century Literature” (1)

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

interview (1)

Peak, David

— “Nothing Will Have Happened: Speculation and Horror in the Anthropocene” (2)

Pietersen, Daniel

— “An Endless Laceration: The Limit Experience in Horror” (2)

Skipp, John

— interview (2)

Smith, Jeremy R.

— “In The Face of It: Groundwork Towards a General Theory of Horror” (1)

Southard, Nate

interview (1)

Strantzas, Simon

interview (1)

Tanzer, Molly

interview (1)

Tem, Steve Rasnic

— interview (2)

Thorn, Michael

— “Collective Abjection: Social Horror in Stephen King’s ‘It'” (2)

Tremblay, Paul

— interview (2)

Tuttle, Lisa

— interview (2)

Watt, D. P.

— “The Impossible Literature of Thomas Ligotti, Puppeteer and Eschatologist” (2)

Williams, Andrew P.

— “The Symbolic Liminal: Keene, Matheson and the Fast Zombie” (1)

— “‘Your Worst Fear’: Monstrous Feminine(ism) and the Horror Boom of the 1970s” (2)

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