Women in Horror 2019: Jackie Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell has had short stories published online at Horrorfind.com, edited by Brian Keene, and in the Richard Laymon tribute, In Laymon’s Terms, published by Cemetery Dance. She has spent a lifetime writing and fell in love with horror at a very early age. Currently, she works as a DNA forensic scientist. She gave up writing for publication for almost 10 years before returning.

1) what is horror?

To me, horror is betrayal. It is the death of trust, hope and love. Someone or something you care for hurts, neglects or abandons you. It is manipulation, disappointment and pain.

2) why horror?

Why horror? I have a darkness and depth that I keep hidden in my daily life. Every once in a while, I recognize it in others, in their work and they recognize it in me.

3) where do you see horror going?

In my opinion, I see the extremes becoming so commonplace in real life, there will be little need for shock in horror. I predict a horror renaissance more cosmic, blue collar and less graphic.

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