Women in Horror 2019: Cat Voleur

Cat Voleur is a writer of dark speculative fiction and blogger of all things horror. She is following up her traditional education with studies in linguistics and parapsychology. When she is not at work or school, she’s enjoying a nice book or stressful video game in the company of her many feline friends.

1) what is horror?

Horror is the genre of fiction most likely to crawl up inside a person and live within them.

2) why horror?

I personally choose horror for the intimacy. There’s nothing as revealing about a character or audience as the root of their fears.

3) where do you see horror going?

I see horror really diversifying in the future. It will always cycle through different elements as the popularity of specific subgenres shifts, but in terms of actually evolving and becoming more relevant, I think that will happen as it becomes more inclusive.

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